We are equipped with a state-of-the-art pump testing facility that can test a wide range of pumps under various conditions, to provide accurate testing services to customers.

The 316SS suction and discharge manifolds are designed to prevent contaminating the water that is used for testing.

This system can take up to 3500 kPa (35bar) with a flowrate of 2000 L/min. This testing rig is capable of handling both 240V as well as 415V.

This fully computerized system installed with ABB products can provide an accurate test report with a pump curve and an electrical test report for your convenience.

  • Pumps – All makes & models
  • Pressure – 3500 kPa (35bar) 
  • Flowrate – 2000 L/min 
  • Voltage – 240V and 415V

A report is provided with Pump Performance Curve and a pump motor electrical test report.

test rig 2

 Figure 1 - Pump Test Rig


power supply

Figure 2 - 240V & 415V Power supply 


Stainless pipe work

 Figure 3 - Stainless steel pipe work 


ABB flow meter2

 Figure 4 - ABB Flow Meter 


ABB Pressure Gauge

 Figure 5 - ABB Pressure Gauge 


Reservoir tank

  Figure 6 - Reservoir Tank 


instrument controller

 Figure 7 - ABB Instrument Controller (IP65)